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Perdrix has had an interesting life so far, going to shows and playing with her 4-H buddy, Isatu Bangura.

This summer she's teaching her buddy HCh Dragonfly Tsurreal AoM OL2 PL2 how to pull a cart.

She has excellent structure and mothering ability through her pedigree. Her fibre is a consistent winner in shows. It's white with beautiful subtle tones of blue and orange fading in and out of it! Perdrix is the calmest, most bomb-proof and relaxed llama we've ever met. She’s had three females crias from MU Maximum Ice and MGF Rapid Fire, and they’re all lovely.

Born September 6, 2000

CLAA Registration 20064

Sire: Frostkist

Dam: EP Dr Pepper

Click on the photos below to meet two of Perdrix's daughters

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FCh Dragonfly Hot Patoutie AoM

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Dragonfly Persnickity