Llama wool is soft, warm, and hard-wearing.

Our products are made from fibre grown on our farm by our own llamas, and sheared by us.

Llamas are sheared once a year, in May. After shearing, they all admire each others' new 'do, and then immediately look for a dust hole to roll in. There's very little in a llama's life that compares with the joy of a dust bath with a fresh-clipped coat! They actually line up for a chance to use the best dust holes.

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Isatu and Sharon blow the dust and bits of straw out of Perdrix's coat prior to shearing. May weather in Saskatchewan can be variable, so the barn is always available to freshly-sheared llamas.

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This is Taylor's first try at shearing. Griselda's an old hand and she's standing nice and still. She's always been a cooperative soul! Taylor's wearing a traditional Peruvian hat made out of llama wool.

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Oh, that feels SO GOOD! There's nothing as sweet as the first dust bath of the year! Perdrix and Polar have a go while Pearl and as-yet-unshorn friends look on enviously.