These llamas are for sale.

We’d be pleased to talk to you about llamas, what they’re like,
what you need to take care of them, what you can do with them, and,
if you decide you would like to purchase one or several,
we’d be happy to help you pick out the animal or animals
which will suit you best.

Photos of males have a blue border, females have a pink border, and geldings have a green border.

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Dragonfly Black Pearl

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Dragonfly Foxfire

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Dragonfly Code Talker

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FCh Dragonfly Hot Patoutie AoM

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Dragonfly Persnickity

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Dragonfly Jacqui Sparrow SL

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Dragonfly Whisper

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St Louis Castaway DFY

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Macolla's Twister

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St Louis Harlequin DFY

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St Louis Tumbleweed DFY

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St Louis Ringo Starr DFY

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WCR Lumino's Catique