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Foxy, just sheared

Foxy has a lot to live up to. Mama Fox has given us three very nice sons already - Tsuri, Jasper, and Fandango.

She's one of our favourite ladies, and is a Grand Champion fleece winner.

Foxy is white, with brindle markings, unmistakeably his father's son, with a lovely topline, great ears, clean running gear, and fleece so soft you hardly know you're touching it.

He'll be learning to pull a cart this summer.

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Little Fox at 3 weeks

Born May 15, 2007

CLAA Registration #28594

Sire: MGF Rapid Fire

Dam: Fox In Sox Pleck

Dragonfly Foxfire is co-owned with
Dawn Fleming and Shelley Belhumeur of Meet Me In St Louis Llamas