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We spent a long time looking for Madrid. We needed strong, straight legs, excellent balance, a topline that wouldn't quit. We needed good fleece, and a long family history of great temperaments.

Once Madrid was gelded and retired from the breeding pen, he proved himself to be the BEST pet - friendly, curious, smart, and always willing to work or play. He took kids for rides, he packed, he drove - and he introduced many, many people to the wonders of llamas and the fun of showing!

Now that Madrid is 16, he's a bit arthritic and he's REALLY retired - nothing to do now but hang around with the lladies, getting oats and talking to visitors. He had a tough week recently - he showed someone new how to cut toenails.

Madrid was Canada's High Point Performance Llama for 2003 and earned his Obstacle Level Two at the ripe old age of 11.

May 29, 1995

CLAA Registration #9659

Sire: Tomollas Realizar

Dam: Blue River April

Click on the photo below to meet one of Madrid's daughters

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Dragonfly Griselda AoM