Our Geldings

Backpacking, hiking, carting, guarding sheep, entertaining kids - geldings ("The llamas formerly known as males") can do it all. Click on their photos to go to their pages to meet them!

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Dragonfly Fast Eddie AoM OL1

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Dragonfly Jasper Friendlybear AoM OL1 PL1

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Dragonfly Foxfire

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Dragonfly On A Ritz MMISL AoM OL2 PL1

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RReal Madrid AoM OL2 PL1

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HCh Dragonfly Tsurreal AoM OL2 PL2

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St Louis Castaway DFY

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St Louis Ringo Starr DFY

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St Louis Harlequin DFY

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St Louis Tumbleweed DFY

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HCh Windfield Rolling Thunder AoM OL2 PL2

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WCR Jade's Fanmale AoM OL1 PL1

Boys outlined in red are for sale. Contact us for more information.