Sue Ailsby's

Llamas are a bit like horses... and a bit like dogs. They have their own culture, their own opinions, their own likes and dislikes. They're cooperative critters. Give a llama half a chance to be reasonable and she'd love to go along with whatever you have in mind.

Unfortunately, since they're not as big as horses and don't have teeth like dogs, most people don't bother teaching them anything. Why teach an animal something when you can control her physically and force her to do what you want?

So sad for the llama, who has to regard humans as scary monsters! So sad for the human who never meets the intelligent, cooperative, gently animal they have in their pasture!

This manual was written to help you get to know that wonderful spirit. It will work best if you go through it in order rather than jumping around. Let's get started!

Chapter One


1. Conversations With Llamas
2. Tools and Facilities
3. Basic Principles
4. What's a Clicker?
5. Treats and Rewards
6. Zen Means Self-Control

Chapter Two


7. Go!
8. Stop!
9 Stay Stopped!

Chapter Three


10. Haltering
11. Wearing the Lead
12. Giving to the Lead
13. Walking on Lead
14. Walking on a Loose Lead
15. Walking Slower, Stopping
16. Walking Faster
17. Tying Him Up
18. Lowering His Head
19. Picketing

Chapter Four


20. I Wanna Touch You All Over...
21. Lifting Front Feet
22. Lifting Back Feet
23. Cutting Toenails
24. Lifting His Tail

25. Touching Targets
26. Going In Things
27. Chutes
28. Getting Sheared

29. Going Visiting
30. Housetraining (!)
31. Kush (Lie Down on cue)
32. Retrieving