Welcome to
Dragonfly Llama Farm

Ron Ailsby's a farmer and a surgeon. Sue Ailsby's a retired dog judge.

We think the combination has given us common sense
and a good eye for an outstanding animal.

We're very proud of our "babies" and hope you enjoy meeting them.

They're fun, they're furry, and they make us smile!

Click on the photo at left to visit our males

Ron and Rapid Fire share an evening conversation. These moments are so precious.

Click on the photo at right to visit our females

Perdrix is one of our favourite lladies. She was always a ham, even as a youngster. Since then, she's pulled kids on toboggans, pulled a cart, gone hiking carrying a backpack, competed in lots of shows, and shown many people how to shear and cut toenails.

Click on the photo at left to visit our geldings

Taylor and Fanny share enjoy an afternoon in the park on Canada Day. Llamas are most touchy about their feet and heads, so it's a mark of excellent training that Fanny's comfortable wearing this hat.